Saturday, July 13, 2013

What I Worked on this Week

Been a solid writing week. Yay!

Active Writing:

The Terms of Release -- at the end. Like literally. This last scene is taking forever. 

Catnipped (working title) -- m/m/f shifters. Angst ahoy.

New West -- m/m, post-apocalyptic Western. Chugga chugga. They're having the longest first time ever.

Cereus: Training (co-write with Julia) -- Little Bear. Did I mention blind BDSM bear shifters?

Bartender Rescue -- Galen/Shane story for the anthology with Kiernan, Julia and Sean. Still going like wildfire.

On hold:
m/m/f novel (co-write with Julia) -- fun, sexy menage. This one doesn't have a home or a deadline, so it keeps getting pushed back.

In edits/rewrites:

The Four Horsemen: Ace and Kitty: in my in-box, waiting for Fais Do Do to be sent to editing.

Fais Do Do: In final rewrites.

Next week's plan?
Really finish Terms of Release and get it to beta. Get Fais Do Do to my editor. Work on Ace and Kitty. Figure out who's going in the Terms spot.

Much love, y'all.

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Katherine Halle said...

Srsly your work schedule motivates me every Sunday. :D