Monday, May 5, 2014

Where did BA Tortuga come from

So, Bronwyn asked me the other day what the BA stood for. (She was voting Bad Ass, which is going to be my new answer.)

The truth is way less classy.

You see, I collect turtles. I love them and I have tons. When I picked out my pseudonym, I NEVER thought anyone would read anything I wrote, so I was going...

Hrm. Turtles. Hispanic. Turtles. Hispanic.




Be A Spanish Turtle!

BA Tortuga.

Oh, how CUTE!


So, how’s that clever thing working for me? 

BA stands for I’m a Smartass.


Much love, y’all.



ChrisMuldoon said...

This is really cute.

Katherine Halle said...

awww that a cute story though! I've always wondered it as well - now I know :D Thanks for sharing!

Moma Sue said...

Love you BA <3