Saturday, August 30, 2014

What I'm Working On This Week

m/m paranormal universe set in Colorado — turning the corner on this one

YA novel (f/f) — *grins* So, I’ve discovered that 8K is my word count point of despair

Musician. Bodyguard. Stalker. Uh-huh.

Articles of Release, next in the Terms of Release universe.


On hold/in outline:

Coke/Dillon & Andy/Jason novel

Roughstock Brazilians


In edits/rewrites:

Ace/Kitty in rewrites.

Mr. Unlucky in rewrites.


At beta:



At proofing:




Ever the Same to DSP

Stealing Bases to Harmony Ink


Next week's plan?

Finish Colorado book, start blind vampire story



Katherine Halle said...

GAH I'm back!!! Finally figured out why the RSS feed wasn't showing up and I've fixed it now :D As usual, I'm always impressed with everything you have on your plate <333

Shalara said...

Love that you have such a collection and variety of stories coming out--but,UGH. I need a Roughstock fix. Please take Coke/Dillon out of hold.... pretty please? :-D