Friday, June 12, 2015

Back to the Gym

So, I'm back at the gym again. Forty-five minutes a day. Walking on the treadmill. (I get the other 15-30 walking the dogs every morning, which is way more fun.)

I have to admit, it feels like a giant waste of time. I haven't become steady enough to read on the treadmill yet, so I stare at the bank of televisions and plot destruction. I'm currently pondering mutant big mouthed bass, an exploding hospital, and a more in-depth revisiting of the Hyacinth Club -- possibly a supernatural one.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not really complaining. I got the hospital bills for the surgery in April. $100,000.

One hundred THOUSAND dollars.

That's a one with 5 zeros.

I'll walk on the damned treadmill to keep from getting another bill list that, or a stroke, which would suck. Trodge trodge trodge.


Much love, y'all.



Katherine Halle said...

Good for you for going to the gym. I feel your pain, I haven't lost any additional weight in almost a year, I've changed my routine, started lifting weights, increased the level on the elliptical, switched to using the elliptical the whole time instead of just the treadmill and still NOTHING *sigh*

My hubs reminds me I could probably run farther if there was a zombie apocalypse and I most likely wouldn't die in the first wave, so at least there's that /o\ (he's half joking half serious BTW

Now that we're moving & I'm looking for a job my routine will change again, less time each day but more days of the week, so maybe that will do the trick, who knows.

I usually park myself in front of the tv showing TNT & watched Charmed & Supernatural (and plot stories in my head - I wish I could dictate but that really wouldn't work in the gym environment...)

I guess, bottom line, keep trudging, you may not SEE the benefits, but they are there. When I started I could only do about five min on the elliptical on the LOWEST level. Now I can get up to level 9 or 10 on a good day for an extended period of time. Just keep trudging away and I'll cheerlead whenever you need it!

*\0/* *\0/* *\0/*


Moma Sue said...

Go you! Don't worry about the hosp bill just keep paying on it. I'm so very proud of you and love you so xoxo