Sunday, June 14, 2015

What I am Working on this Week

Here I go, trying to get my self together yet again.

Tipping the Barrel -- f/f YA novel — This one is stalled on me a little, and I’m trying to find the beat again. Still.
Musician. Bodyguard. Werewolves. Still working on it. Eternally.
I Don't Dance -- m/m contemporary, doctor, EMT, explosions, drama
Rainbow Brew I (cowrite with Julia) -- m/m magical realism
Ranger Boys (working title) — m/m/m werewolves. The hotness.

In edits/rewrites:
Articles of Release in edits.

At beta:

At proofing:
Blind Ride

Refired to Dreamspinner
Ace/Kitty to TEB

Next week's plan?
Keep on keeping on

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Katherine Halle said...

I always love seeing these posts. Looks like you're starting to hit your stride again :D