Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Book of Love- A Guest Post from Julia Talbot

Hey y'all!

BA was a doll and let me take over today to talk about Book of Love!

It's my first book with Samhain, and I'm so tickled. It's a MMF menage where all partners touch.

Here's the official blurb.

Dark magic draws them together, but they’re generating sparks all on their own.
Culper, Colorado, is a one-everything town. One stoplight. One post office-slash-pawn shop-slash-bakery. And one bookstore, which Shiloh volunteers to watch while the owner is on vacation. It’s a nice change of pace to her lonely life.
While perusing the shelves, Shiloh finds a book that contains some shockingly naughty illustrations. When all sorts of mystical disasters start happening, Shiloh is sure they’re somehow connected to the book. Butsby then it’s too late to simply put it back on the shelf. 
Liam and Elijah’s response to the town’s call for help is a first. Their first paranormal case, and their first in-person meeting. They’re longtime online friends with a common interest in the unexplainable, but they’re shocked by the sparks that fly, not only between the two of them, but between them and Shiloh.
Somehow the book’s dark magic is not only the catalyst, but is also feeding off their sexual attraction. They must work together to figure out how to put the escaped entity back where it belongs—before it closes the book on their budding relationship.
Product Warnings
Contains wild acts of sexual magic, a porny old book about demons, and a threesome where the boys touch each other as well as their woman.

Here's the link!

I love porny old books. When I was cleaning out my grandma's house during her estate sale, I found a bunch of 1950s erotica. I've seen engravings in Georgian era books of people having sex wearing powdered wigs. I've seen paintings on the walls in brothels in Pompeii. Everyone needs to be touched, right? I loved the idea that a book could cause so much trouble, too, like in my favorite mummy movie, The Mummy. No harm ever came from reading a book? Tell that to a less than benevolent spirit!

Thanks for hanging out with me, y'all, and I hope you love Book of Love.


Julia www.juliatalbot.com

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Katherine Halle said...

I love The Mummy! I have another author friend, Josephine Myles who used to do a weekly post on historic porn pics, she found some really unique ones, I always looked forward to those posts. I hope she'll get back into it once her life settles down again.

Looking forward to this book :D It's def on my TBR list :D