Friday, August 28, 2015

A Kristi Story

So, it’s my sister Kristi’s birthday tomorrow.

Things I know about my sister:

1. She’s a giant dork. 

2. She hates that she’s a giant dork.

3. She is very good at dealing with wildly emotional writer big sisters, although it took a few months for her to understand that it is not crazy to sob over the sad parts. IT’S NOT.

4. She is a kick-ass grill master.

5. Her boyfriend when she was little was Darth Vader. Her second boyfriend was the Hulk. She’s a stud.

6. Her favorite color is black. I never buy her black clothes. I am DETERMINED to bring her to the rainbow side.

7. She was obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake when she was little.

8. She loves all things Wonder Woman. When she was little, she would run around the house in her Wonder Woman Underoos, throw her hands on her hips and sing, “WONDER WOMAN! WONDER WOMAN!"

9. She taught me all about being gangster. (gangsta?)

10. She is the anti-craft. Seriously, the child can’t even sew a button. When Mother asked Kristi's youngest child what she was going to do about sewing on buttons when Granny died, her answer was, “Call Auntie Pooh."

11. When she was little, I told everyone she was MY baby. She still is.

Love you, KK. Happy birthday eve.

You giant dork.



Katherine Halle said...

OMG this post made me smile SO BIG :D Aunti Pooh, WONDER WOMAN (I did the SAME THING!!!! I so wanted to be Wonder Woman!!!)

It's def not crazy to sob over the sad parts :D

Hmmm I kind of like black to, but I like other colors as well <33333

Unknown said...

I love you so!