Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekends Are Too Short

You know, sometimes I sit here and stare at my blog and go...


Do I know any words?

I’m not sure I do today. I don’t have any fab stories and I had one of those normal weekends — errands and crafting and cleaning and suddenly it was Sunday night and I wasn’t sure what happened exactly.

I mean… Saturday I finished cleaning the garage and we sorted the guest room closet and moved furniture and unpacked all the keepsakes and watched The Cube and wrote a couple thousand words and made grocery lists. Then Sunday we walked and had coffee and organized our week. Then Target, groceries (just chicken and salad because OMG THE HOT) and then we warped the loom, I talked to Mother and Daddy both on the phone, we cleaned up, I set up the fans we bought and then I dyed some fabric and did laundry and plotted a novel and dyed some yarn and read a magazine and did laundry. 

Now it’s Monday. 




Weekends should have one more day in them.

Much love, y’all,


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Katherine Halle said...

HAHA My hubs and I say this EVERY WEEKEND! Not enough days in the weekend for all the stuff we want/need to do /o\. Your weekend lineup sounds similar to ours. We cram so much stuff in and once school starts in two weeks we'll add soccer games as well! There should be THREE days to EVERY weekend LOL.