Friday, October 2, 2015

A House Story

So, we've had the house now for a year.

Do we still love it?

Yeah, I think so.

Every month we pick 4 projects -- 3 wee ones and a big one and we do them. Sometimes the house project is clean the medicine cabinet. Sometimes it's bigger.

In our first year in this house we have:

Painted the office.
Painted the fireplace.
Painted the master bedroom.
Painted the guest bath.
Painted the sunroom.
Painted the master bath.
Replaced the swamp cooler.
Replaced the water heater.
Replaced the light fixture above the sink.
Replaced the light in the dining room.
Patched stucco.
Refinished the deck.
Refinished the picnic table.
Cleaned up the yard.
Built our deadline wall.
Cleaned the chimney.
Put up the design wall in the studio.
Cleaned out the shed.
Got rid of the swingset.
Cleaned out the garage.
Remodeled the bathroom.
Replaced the water meter.
New fencing on the sides of the house.
New gate on the front of the house.
Arranged to have solar installed.

Next year?

Put a backsplash in the kitchen and paint it.
Start replacing carpet.
Build a place for plants in the backyard.
Reseal the driveway.
Paint the outside.
Get better house numbers.

Ready, set, go!

Much love, y'all.



Katherine Halle said...

OMG can you come to our house? We need wallpaper removed and some rooms painted, we need to refinish our deck, we really should recarpet, and ALL the bathrooms need updating... *headdesk* I think Home Depot is going to be seeing a LOT of us...

GO YOU!!!!

Moma Sue said...

You have done sooo much. I am proud of you ;)