Monday, November 2, 2015

What I'm (Theoretically) Working on this Week

Long week last time, this one doesn’t look 
Hand Me Down — sequel to Ever the Same 
C. Ranch — 1st in a new series for Dreamspun Desires
Double U — 1st in a new series for Pride Publishing
Spotlight — m/m paranormal
Eternity is a Long Time — cowrite with Julia for Cereus: Healing
Soft Place to Land — sore spot, still no asking
In edits/rewrites:
Refired in edits
Midnight Rodeo in edits
Picking Roses in edits
Trial by Fire in edits
Old Town New in edits
Coke’s Clown in edits
What She Wants in rewrites
At beta:
At proofing:
Next week's plan?
Survive. :D

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Katherine Halle said...

I like next week's plan...that's basically my plan all the time LOL.