Friday, April 8, 2016

Coke's Clown -- New or Not

Cokesclown 800

Coke’s Clown first appeared as a short novella, years ago. As I started rereleasing the Roughstock books, some of the novellas toward the end of the already written books begged for a more complete story, now that I have the time to write them. 

Coke’s Clown is one of those books. 

Coke’s Clown has more the 35K of new story in it, including a storyline that I’ve felt was hugely necessary, if not to the underlying storyline of Jason Scott, than to the character of Coke. 

Writing this book reminded me, unquestionably, of why I fell in love with Roughstock, with the whole universe. I’m burning to write Leading the Blind and the third and final Coke/Dillon novel. In introducing y’all to more men, to a new wave of cowboys that live to ride their bulls and the people they fall in love with.

Coke’s Clown is available April 12 from Pride Publishing and I pray that all y’all like it.


Coke s ClownComing April 12 fina

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