Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Bear and a Wolf Walk into a Bar- A Julia Talbot Guest Post

Well, okay, in this case a wolf owns the bar and a bear works there as a bartender.

Hey, ya’ll! BA is letting me take over today. I’m here to love on my story, Blue Moon Bar, which I just rereleased as a standalone. It came out originally as part of the Bar None anthology, but I’ve always loved it enough to make it a series, so I’ll be doing more novelettes in the series.

I love that length. I know readers are leery of the 10-20K story, but I adore it. So expect to see Seamus and Hugh to feature in other shifter’s love stories.

Now, Hugh, wolf shifter, and Seamus, bear shifter, are the stars here. Hugh is grumpy and needs to get laid. Seamus wants to know why Hugh keeps chewing him out. Add in a poacher who wants to add a werebear to his collection, and hoo boy! Fast adventure.

Bears make me happy. Not kidding. I love to watch them move, love to ponder what they might be thinking, and Seamus is a great example of that. He’s got a very bear sensibility to his thoughts. He’s not afraid of hard work, but he’s happy to nap. He has this enormous strength, but he can be gentle and sweet. He hates being caged. Loves sensual games.

I adore him.

Hugh is such a wolf. Prey driven. Alpha. Practical. Playful deep down.

Can you tell I like them both?

You can find them at ARE and at Amazon

Hope you check them out and love them!


Julia (aka The Wife)

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