Monday, December 17, 2012

Frosty Fiction, Day 17: Addie and Bodie

Bodie hummed, trimming stray branches off the Christmas tree. He and Addie had compromised; he’d got his live tree, Addie had made sure it was a potted tree they could plant later.

He could hear his girl, singing in the kitchen, the sound sweet and a little silly as she rattled pans and measuring cups. She had this idea about making cookies to hang on the tree. Bodie wanted to string popcorn, too.

He grinned, then removed one of the pups from the toe of his sock. “That hurts, now.”

The silly little border collie grunted and attacked again. He thought that one was... He lifted it. Girl two. Right side moon.

“Are you abusing my puppies?”

“They’re abusing my socks.” He held up the puppy when Addie peeked in at him. “Which one is this?”

“That’s my baby girl!” She squeeked and clapped and that fuzzy baby went crazy, barking and wagging. “And where’s that wee baby boy?”

“You don’t have him?” Uh-oh. Loose puppies did bad shit.

“I thought they were both in there with you...”

“Crap.” He handed her the girl pup and went looking.

He found the little shit, sleeping in his towel, curled up in a tiny ball. Oh, damn. “If this is what it’s like to have kids, we’re gonna have to work harder.”

Her little hand landed on his butt with a smack. “You got a mouse in your pocket, cowboy?”

“Hey! He’s your dog.” He winked, then bent to kiss her.

“And you’re my cowboy. Put them in the laundry room, lover. I want to make something more fun than cookies.”

Oh. Hello. Bodie did love how straightforward his girl was. “Yes, ma’am.”

This time that hand didn’t swat. No, that was a promise, sure as shit.

“Such a good cowboy. I have such a present for you.”

“I like presents.” He did. Better than cotton candy.


Addie and Bodie are from Mr. Unlucky, releasing in January from Resplendence. :D

Much love, y'all.



Donna said...

This promises to be a fun read., Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Mmmm...cowboy... *drool* :)

Katherine Halle said...

Puppies :DD This sounds like fun :D

pc said...

these are going on my must list!
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