Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Frosty Fiction, Day 18: Max and Morgan

“Sugar?” Max looked at the house, wide-eyed. “Did a Pier One explode in Oklahoma City?”

“What? No. Possibly UPS truck, the guy was a little peeved when he was bringing in all the boxes.” Morgan looked tickled as a pig in shit.

“Uh-huh. Did you buy... Santa?”

“Oh, no. He’s still ensconced in the North Pole. I think. I could look it up on Amazon...”

“That looks like the weird little penguin from the commercial.” He pointed out a sparkly bird on a cupcake.

“Uh-huh. I love him. I named him Charlie. It’s a thing.”

Max grinned. Morgan had a lot of things that were a thing. It was one of his most endearing qualities. “Well, I like the shiny stuff on the bull horns.”

“You’ll like the new sheets, too.” Oh, there was evil in them there eyes.

“Will I?”

“Oh, yes. The website called it Pinup Cowpokes.”

That grin made him a lot of promises.


Max and Morgan's story is called Oil and Water. :D

Comment for a chance to win one of my backlist titles. :D

Much love, y'all.



Anonymous said...

OOH! I have this book but I haven't read it yet. For some reason I keep getting hung up in Eye of the Dragon and I wanna go in "order". Must power thru cuz these two seem adorbs. :)

p.s. Yes, I'm a doofus who actually googled Pinup Cowpokes. *sigh* I'll just have to imagine the sheets Sean M. posted a few weeks ago. *grin*

BA Tortuga said...

Button: Oil and Water is first, then Eye of the Dragon. ;-)

Lillian Francis said...

Please tell me you're doing on of these for Ryder & Christian. Or even better writing them a follow up story :D
Yep I've finished Unwrapped.

Katherine Halle said...

LOLLL oh these two sound adorable :D

pc said...

love these two characters!
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