Thursday, March 14, 2013

Super Juicy! (m/m, paranormal, short)

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Paranormal boogilies.





It's Halloween and vampire Stryker is on the prowl for a good, fun meal when he meets Buck, a waiter with a t-shirt that reads "Super Juicy". Stry can't wait to find out if there’s truth in advertising, but will the vibrant stud turn out to be too much for Stry to handle?

This story is also available in the Masks Off Too! anthology.


Halloween was simply the best time to be a vampire, especially in Las Vegas. Oh, like most Vegas natives, Stry avoided the Strip most of the time. Too much flash, too many cameras. But on Halloween, when there were so many people, so much hot blood running through miles and miles of veins, he wanted to be where the action was.

Following a tight, round male ass, he'd wandered into a club somewhere in the newer casinos, a hipster bar serving overpriced Cosmos and lovely-smelling burgers. What had kept Stry there, however, was one of the waiters.

Spiky blond hair, eyes the color of grass, and a muscled body that didn't quit, the fine little son of a bitch worked the room, smiling and flirting, taking orders and bringing plates. The man had on a pair of skintight jeans, artfully frayed at the pockets, a black apron, and a diamond solitaire in one ear. The best part was the T-shirt with the restaurant logo on the front, and the words "Super Juicy" on the back.

He'd made sure to sit in the beautiful one's section, and now he was just waiting for those pretty eyes to land on him. Trick or treat!

"Good evening, sir. Welcome to Hearts. I'm Buck and I'll be your server this evening."

Oh, yummy. Stry leaned forward, hands under his chin. "Hello, Buck. What cocktail do you recommend?"

"You a whiskey man or a vodka man?"

"Mmm. Vodka." Whiskey burned too much. He could eat and drink, but it did little for him.

"Next question." He got a wink. "Sweet or sour?"

"Oh, I like both. I'm equal opportunity." Edible. This one was fucking edible.

"Then maybe you should try an adult root beer -- vodka, sweet, a little bit of a bite?"

"That sounds lovely." He watched the hot little man nod and scurry off. What, he wondered, would Super Juicy Buck suggest for supper?

Even better, would Buck agree to be dessert?


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Ugh do u have any idea how big my TBR pile is? Now i must must must add this one!

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This looks really good :D