Sunday, April 28, 2013

Alpha Call Be-Bopping Along, I'm still writing, and RT is in 3 days


I swear, y'all, I am so excited about RT in Kansas City I can't hardly bear it. So many old friends to snuggle and new friends to meet. I'm at 2 book signings, the Sex Goddess party, the disco party, and the author meet and greet. I've shipped 8 boxes of goodies and I love chatting, so if you're there and you see me, come for hugs. :D

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Alphacall msr



We're at #11. 11. Us! Yay! Also, All Romance Ebooks is currently running Ellora's Cave ebooks at 50%, so I'm hot AND cheap. 

Wait, did I mean to say that? ;-)


Official blurb: Wendy doesn’t need any help to get rid of her evil ex. As a cop, she can handle anything life throws at her. In fact, she’s sure of it, even when trying to capture the ex alone puts her friends in danger. Too bad local werewolf alpha Brett has different ideas. He doesn’t care if Wendy wants to be a lone wolf. He has to protect all the werewolves in his town. Including her. Especially her.

Wendy finds Brett irritating, overbearing and sexy beyond belief. Brett thinks Wendy is trouble with a capital T, and hotter than the dog days of summer. Butting heads can be fun, but there are other ways to rub against each other. Intimate, lusty ways. These two sexy shapeshifters are playing to win.'

Thirdly, what I've been working on this week. 

Active writing:
Tag Team: Fais Do Do -- m/m novel. Wrapping up. Woo!
The Terms of Release -- m/m novel. I'm heading into the serious angst. Pray for me.
m/m/f novel (co-write with Julia) -- fun, sexy menage. This one's fixin' to come back live after RT
Catnipped (working title) -- m/m/f shifters, bdsm. *grins* They're sweeter than I'd anticipated.
Short story with Marcus and Sebastian from Fighting Addiction
In edits/rewrites:
The Four Horsemen: Ace and Kitty
Hammer and Tongs
Next up:
R.T. :D
Much love, y'all.

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Katherine Halle said...

Have fun at RT :D I'm sure you'll have a blast :D

GAh the writing - I want it all *grabby hands* Good luck with the angst :D