Monday, April 23, 2012

I spraypainted a bicycle

I did.

It was an old bicycle I bought at a garage for Julia before I knew that Julia didn't ride bikes.

Y'all should have seen me. I paid the $14 for it, tested the tires and hopped on like it hadn't been 24 years since my old ass had been on a bike. O.o

I was bound and determined not to crash and burn, so I just rode it all the way home, Julia following me in the car. I made it, too. I was so scared, y'all...

At any rate, we've since bought Julia a three-wheeler and the old bike's been in storage. It's rotted, messed up, and totally trashed, so I decided to spray paint it.

It's now baby pink and sitting in the backyard as the world's biggest birdfeeder and perch.

It's not perfect. I ran out of paint and it was windy and I'm not the world's best spraypainter, but it makes me smile, every day (I can see it out of my office window) and, Sunday morning there were cardinal birds on it.



Also, did I tell y'all Julia made me a table for my herb garden so that the bassets of doom don't eat them?

She did. It was very cool. I'm proud. :D

Now I need to go out and water and possibly hula hoop.


1 comment:

Katherine Halle said...

I love the bike! That's awesome :D

Good for you on rehabbing it for something new and even better that it's a bird feeder.

I'm still LOL'ing at the image of you riding it home, with Julia following in the car :D

Love the table for the herb let's hear about that hula hooping ;p