Friday, December 28, 2012

Frosty Fiction, Day 28: Will and Dean

Dean pulled the boxes out of the garage and brought them into the front room. “Okay, these are all of them, I think. You sure all this shit’s going to fit? Looks like Santa’s workshop moved in over the last month.”

Not that he was complaining, because he wasn’t. He liked it. He just thought they were going to be making a run to town for more containers.

Will chuckled. “Well, we had to get stockings for the new pups, and we still had to hang Sadie’s. Then there was that nativity scene you got from old man Hyner.”

“That was pretty damned cool, huh?” The whole thing was carved out of barn wood. Dean was sort of stupid tickled with it.

“God, yes. Almost as cool as the whole box of quilted balls my mom sent.” Will’s momma had wanted to make sure they had plenty of stuff to go on the tree.

“Almost.” He grinned and kissed Will soundly. “Get started and I’ll grab us both a beer.”

“You got it, cowboy.” Will hung on a moment, though, laughing. “Merry after Christmas and Happy almost New Year.”

“You know it. Happy happy.” He winked, grinned. “Get to work, cowboy. Sunlight’s burning.”

Will nodded, whistling Auld Lang Syne, and got to work.




3 more days, guys!


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Katherine Halle said...

This made me all :DDD

Anonymous said...

Aww something about this one made me feel all homey :D