Monday, July 27, 2015

So, I'm a Weird Geek


Ask me about Sherlock, Star Wars, Rodeo, Battlebots, X-Files, Highlander, Sherlock, Mythbusters, British Invasion music, Ninja Warrior, Bullriding, Sherlock, esoteric horror and fantasy novels, miniatures, puzzles, Sherlock. I can squeal like a little girl.

For hours.


I can spend hours discussing social theory in romance, radical feminism, and linguistics. Also, I’m a freak for myths and legends. A FREAK.

On the other hand, I don’t play video games, I’m not the biggest Dr. Who fan (in fact, I sort of wanted to kill the 10th doctor). I only like the original Star Trek and TNG, none of the others, and I hated Stargate. I have a very specific set of Buffy episodes I can watch without my head exploding (ask me how I feel about the whole 200 year old vampire seduces a 16 year old and the writers make HER the fucking bad guy arc). I lasted exactly 5 minutes in the Supernatural show, 2 episodes of Teen Wolf, and I think that Harry Potter was great for 8 year olds, but a poor substitute for Roald Dahl. 

Sue me.

So, I have the weird geekiness.

What do you fly the freak flag for?

Much love, y’all.


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Katherine Halle said...

HAHA I love how we all have our specific geeky things and everyone can find some sort of common ground.

STAR WARS (NGL tho, I think ppl that don't like that series kinda weird...the few ppl I've met were all definitely weird LOL)

We actually do play some video games, but we're not 'gamers' per se. The hubs & kid recently started playing Star Wars Battlefront for the PS2 again and we just got the Jurassic Park/World Lego game for the Wii U and are playing it as a family and LOVING it.

I"m obviously a Buffy girl, I LOVE Charmed so so much but I only made it to season 5 of Supernatural. I love Teen Wolf because of Dylan O'Brien LOL. Ooh and THE WALKING DEAD and THE LAST SHIP - Sunday nights are good again!