Monday, August 3, 2015

Movie Day!

So, my wife and I decided to watch movies Saturday and it was remarkably fun and successful.

Our first one was The Quiet Ones which starred Jared Harris from the second Sherlock Holmes movie, It was a supernatural thriller. I liked it more than J did. She found it slow and a little boring, but I quite enjoyed it and thought it had a good boo factor.

Then we watched Chef, which was OMG utterly fabulous. We found it utterly charming and I’m going to buy it.

Finally we watched Hotel Transylvania which was just fine. Cute, funny, lots of music — I wouldn’t watch it again, but I didn’t feel like I wasted my time. :D

(Also, that’s three and it was August, so only have to watch 1 more to keep my promise for the WHOLE month. 


Much love, y’all.


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Katherine Halle said...

HA HA so I've heard of NONE of those movies LOL. I'll have to look them up. Good for you for watching them though! *claps*