Monday, October 1, 2012

ARe's Passionate Cooks Cookbook Out Today

And I have a recipe for one of Julia's favorite breakfasts in there, Ranch Hands. 


Now the recipe in the cookbook is written for home cooks. You know, ones with pots and pans and measuring spoons. 

I wanted to give you the recipe as written in my recipe box, as a bonus.

Ranch Hands Recipe, as written in Texan:

Stuff in it:

• spoonful of lard
• leftover onion from yesterday’s supper
• ladle of beans from yesterday’s supper
• nice bit of pepper sauce
• handful of cuminos
• 4 eggs
• couple bits of already cooked ham (or leave it out, if your beans got good pig in ‘em still)
• salt and cayenne
• leftover sauce from yesterday’s supper
• couple three handfuls of shredded cheese – white or yellow
• 2 big or 4 little tortillas

Fix it up:

First get your skillet hot enough to melt the lard and then cook up your onions ‘til they don’t stink. Put in your beans and the pepper sauce. Heat ‘em up, but don’t burn ‘em. Take ‘em off the fire when they’re hot and toss them in a bowl. Now, wash your skillet real good. Then cook up your eggs like you like ‘em. If you like ‘em scrambled, toss in the meat. Make sure to salt and pepper. When your eggs are fixin’ to be done, toss some sauce on ‘em, along with whatever meat you’re using -- lest of course you scrambled, then your meat's in there (I like to add more), then cheese ‘em and stick a lid or a cookie sheet over your skillet so stuff melts. Warm the tortillas up real quick, toss them on a couple of plates and go beans, egg with cheese, then some of the sauce.

If you're feeling like town, toss some sour cream on top to be fancy.

Makes enough for one cowboy or a couple cowgirls or a half dozen kids.

Go download your free copy of the cookbook (Julia's promised me her peanut butter cookies this week and I'm dying to try something new!


Katherine Halle said...

Oh I like the recipe as written by a Texan. That's the way I cook. Off to go download :D

BA Tortuga said...

It's a fun cookbook, some neat-neat recipes. :D